your partner in semiconductor, micro and nanotechnology research and development

IDB Technologies has, for more than 20 years, been a specialist supplier of equipment and materials for semiconductor micro and nanotechnology sectors, research and development and low volume manufacturing.

IDB Technologies’ activities include;

       Si, SOI, Quartz, GaAs, Sapphire and glass wafer supplies in any quantities as required

       Providing processed wafers in low volumes

       Graphene and Graphene related materials in powder, dispersions and foil/film format

       Plasma etch, RIE, PECVD equipment and support and also rebuilds of existing etch and deposition tools

       PVD and evaporation deposition tools for low volume applications

       Wet processing for low volume and lab applications

       NanoCVD graphene synthesis systems and Minilab MPS 1400

       Collaborative R+D  and development of new technologies


We are also members of ESP Electronics, Sensors and Photonics KTN.

And the Nanotechnology KTN.