your partner in semiconductor, micro and nanotechnology research and development

IDB Technologies supplies a range of equipment and materials which is used throughout the semiconductor , micro and nanotechnology sectors.

Wafers and substrates including; Si, SOI, SoS, GaAs, Glass ,Quartz  and Al2O3 which can also be processed and diced as required.

Wet Benches and chemical handling equipment for laboratory and production use.The KOPRA accelerated corrosion testing system is designed for the test lab or production environment

Plasma tools for RIE, PECVD and surface modification from flexible bench-top models to full refurbishments of the ubiquitous Plasma Technology Plasmalab 80 series.

NanoCVD  ands PECVD graphene synthesis systems, suitable for all laboratory environments.

Graphitene Graphene and Graphene related materials in powder, dispersion and foil/film formats. Made in the UK from sustainable and  in an environmentally friendly single step process we are ab;le top supply gram, kg and tonne quantities